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PRODUCTS \ NMR Deuterated Solvent

NMR Solvent

All products are decanted by ourselves and afterwards analysed on our in-house 500 MHz spectrometer. The water content (H2O + D2O) is determined with the coulometric Karl-Fischer-titration.

Individual fillings as well as special requests are possible on demand. We are pleased to provide an offer on your request.

We offer:

  • a wide range of solvents with different isotopic enrichments

  • excellent qualities at competitive prices

  • almost everthing can be supplied ex stock

  • Ampoules from 0,2 ml to 10 ml

  • Septum bottles from 5 ml to 10 ml (25 ml and 50 ml on request)

  • Screw cap bottles from 5 ml to 1000 ml

  • an extra of TMS 0,03 % or TMSP-d4 (for D2O) without surcharge

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