​CIC Photonics IRGAS Systems Use Custom Reliable FTIR Analysis Tools

FTIR Spectrometer Used In CIC Photonics Solutions
  • MB3000: This high-performance Spectrometer features a double pivot Michelson Interferometer and built-in health monitoring capability. The MB3000 has a resolution better than, a 50,000:1 signal to noise RMS, and a spectral range of 485 to 8,500 cm-1. Its application is suitable for 

monitoring the decontamination of hazardous biological and chemical weapon agents; FTIR analysis of solar PV process gases, emissions, semi-gases; and the measurement of moisture in ammonia, HBr and other semiconductor gases. It is also applicable in a variety of research and development capacities.
This industrial tool offers superior performance for on-line process monitoring with extractive sampling systems. It is ideal for determining the composition of organic process streams and is permanently aligned to provide boundless stability. The MB3000 is effective when testing combustion efficiency, and measuring electronic and other specialty gases.

Versatile FTIR Spectrometers Drive IRGAS Systems
  • Albuquerque-based CIC Photonics is a leading developer of globally used gas phase chemical analyzers. We are committed to providing industries of all disciplines with exceptionally discerning FTIR analyzers, gas analysis systems, and specialty cells. CIC Photonics’ FTIR accessories are regarded by hundreds as leading products in the field. Contact CIC Photonics today to discover how our FTIR analysis systems can meet all of your professional needs.

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